How Carry Works

Carry provides co-ordinated and affordable customer services. Our model allows us to track, monitor and deliver products within 24 hours of receiving packages for delivery.

The model works in various ways at the user's convenience

Sender-Receiver:The sender initiates an order, Carry rider picks it up and drops off at the receiver's Doorstep

Sender-Station:The sender initiates an order and selects the nearest Carry station to the receiver. The Carry rider picks it up and drops it off at the Carry station selected by the sender, and the receiver picks it up from there.

Station-Station:This is when the sender drops off a package at any nearby Carry Station and the receiver also picks it up at their nearest Carry Station.

Station-Receiver:The sender drops off a package at the nearest Carry station, Carry rider picks it up and delivers it to the receiver's Doorstep.

There is incentive for station Dropoff and station pickups, a specified amount would be given back to the user and can be used for subsequent order when accumulated.

Carry uses a subscription model where the user subscribes to a Carry plan and has access to a specific amount of delivery every 30 days.

The subscription is renewable monthly, and the number of deliveries for each month must be exhausted within 30 days. There is also a quick request feature for one-off delivery.

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